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School Psychology Awareness Week

New Jersey Joins School Psychologists Nationwide in Recognition of School Psychology Awareness Week

School Psychology Awareness Week is November 12–16, 2018

Hamilton, NJ & Bethesda, MD --- The New Jersey Association of School Psychologists (NJASP) is pleased to announce that proposed Assembly Bill AJR171, which designates the second full week in November of each year as School Psychology Awareness Week, has been put forth for resolution. A Joint Legislative Resolution from Assemblywoman Murphy, Senator Singleton, and Assemblyman Conway recognizes this year’s School Psychology Awareness Week, as well as permanently designating it as a state recognized week. A Resolution Presentation Ceremony is scheduled for November 8th at Assemblywoman Carol Murphy’s District Office.

The proposed resolution designates the second full week in November each year as “School Psychology Awareness Week” and includes language recognizing the relationship between school psychology services and student mental health and wellness.

The state of New Jersey has long been recognized as a national leader in education for the quality of its educational system. An important component of a comprehensive education is attention to mental health. Students today face many challenges to their mental, emotional, and social well-being that can impact their academic performance. Ensuring students have access to mental health resources is critical for New Jersey and its future.

School psychologists have an important role in the education system by providing the mental health support that students need to succeed. They have rigorous professional standards with a commitment to the health of students and their families. Children cannot learn if they do not feel physically and psychologically safe, and school psychologists are in a unique position to provide support to students. It is important to recognize and promote the vital work being done for New Jersey students by school psychologists. Their continued efforts will help to ensure a stronger future for the education of children and youths across the State.

Please join your colleagues across New Jersey and across the nation, in celebration of School Psychology Awareness Week, November 12 – 16. This year’s theme, "Unlock Potential. Find Your Password!" highlights how thinking about specific skills, assets, or characteristics as passwords can lead to positive growth. Throughout the week, schools across the country will be taking part in events and activities designed to generate energy and reinforce the connections that power thriving school communities.


About NJASP --- The New Jersey Association of School Psychologists (NJASP) represents school psychologists working or living in New Jersey. NJASP’s mission is to advocate for all children to realize their full potential and promote school psychological services for children and families.

About NASP --- The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) represents 25,000 school psychologists throughout the United States and abroad. NASP empowers school psychologists to promote the learning, behavior, and mental health of all children and youth.

For further information contact Terri A. Allen, NJASP Executive Board at NJASP.PR@gmail.comor NASP Director of Communications Kathy Cowan at 301-347-1665 or kcowan@naspweb.org, or visit www.njasp.org or www.nasponline.org

Tell us your plans and win $25 worth of raffle tickets!

In celebration of this "hot off the press" great news, let us know what you have planned in your district for SPAW next week. We will review all submissions and one NJASP member will win $25 worth of raffle tickets to put towards winning one of the amazing items available at an upcoming NJASP conference! EmailTerri with your plans right away!

Call to Advocacy! Virtual Hill Day

NEW: Virtual Hill Day during School Psychology Awareness Week (SPAW). 

Your help is needed to advance critical goals related to school safety, mental health, and the role of the school psychologist. Participate in a Virtual Hill Day on Wednesday, November 14, during School Psychology Awareness Week. Make sure your voice is heard. Join your fellow school psychologists across the country in taking three easy steps to communicate with your elected officials: http://www.nasponline.org/research-and-policy/advocacy-tools-and-resources/school-psychology-awareness-week-(spaw)/in-progress/virtual-hill-day

And, now is a good time to start planning your other SPAW activities for the rest of the week. Download your adaptable "Unlock Potential. Find Your Password!" resources today: http://www.nasponline.org/research-and-policy/advocacy-tools-and-resources/school-psychology-awareness-week-(spaw)

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