New Jersey Association of School Psychologists

NJASP Mission Statement

Advocate for all children to realize their full potential

Promote school psychological services for children and families.


Advocate for Children

- Research and disseminate best practices.

- Advocate for early intervention and prevention programs.

- Promote moral-ethical values.

- Enhance equal educational opportunities for all students.

- Encourage proper transition planning.

- Maintain confidentiality.

- Coordinate core curriculum content standards with self-management skills.

- Increase funding for education.

- Influence and promote legislation to support education and mental health.

Support our Members

- Support research and grant writing.

- Maintain a network of communication and support.

- Provide training for members.

- Promote best practices.

- Promote understanding and respect for different cultures.

- Raise certification standards.

- Increase diversity among school psychologists.

- Develop recognition of school psychologists as primary mental health professionals in the schools.

- Organize a committee for grant writing.

- Promote school psychologists as crisis intervention specialists.

Interact with the Community

- Increase awareness of multicultural issues.

- Encourage family involvement in child's education and school activities.

- Increase awareness of school psychological services.

- Collaborate with community organizations.

- Promote parent training to include developmental, educational and social/emotional issues.

- Promote profession and increase visibility to the community at large.

- Work collaboratively with professionals and professional groups within and outside the school.

- Consult with governmental agencies.

- Maintain awareness of programs in special needs districts.

- Expand public awareness of children's needs.

- Disseminate position papers to a variety of audiences.


Maintain NJASP

- Maintain fiscal responsibility.

- Maintain and expand membership.

- Review constitution.

- Review executive board structure and function.

- Recruit and develop new leadership for the organization.

- Develop operations manual.

- Enhance regional operation through delegates.

- Self monitor.

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