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New Jersey Association of School Psychologists

Please feel free to contact us !

For questions re: 

Membership or membership application?Nola Occhipinti -DeRita mail to: nmocch80@gmail.com

Winter 2017 Conference Stephanie Frasier mailto:stephfrasier@yahoo.com 

Spring 2018 Conference

Terry Molony mailto:teravid@yahoo.com

Winter 2018 Conference

 Jessica Trindade mailto:jessica.trindade630@gmail.com
Ethical concerns? 

Barbara Williams mailto:williamsb@rowan.edu 
Conference exhibits and donations?

Ruth Marino  mailto:ruth.marino3@verizon.net

Janet Burdsall  mailto:sanibelj@gmail.com

Ruth Marino  mailto:ruth.marino3@verizon.net
Professional Development Opportunities? John Lestino   mailto:jlestino1811@gmail.com

NASP related issues?

Website? Social Media?  Terri Allen  mailto:terri.a.allen@gmail.com

Employment opportunities?

John Kowalcyk mailto:jkowalcyk@gmail.com
Collaboration with other professional groups (NJEA, CoCST, etc.) in NJ? Sol Heckelman mailto:sandyhecno1@aol.com
Advocacy? Government and Professional Relations?

Barry Barbarasch  mailto:barryeva@comcast.net
Involvement if you are graduate student (GUSTO)?  
Kimberly Nizolek mailto:njasp.gusto@gmail.com

Liaison to Graduate Educators in School Psychology

Barbara Wiliams mail to:williamsb@rowan.edu
If you would like to attend an upcoming Executive Board meeting? 
John Kowalcyk mailto:jkowalcyk@gmail.com
Questions about your payment to NJASP?
Melissa Norrbom mailto: NJASPTreasurer@gmail.com
Question for your regional delegate?      North
Julie Coyne
Edith Lima 
    Central Helizabeth Cabara
Sheila Polite
    South Paul Cicchini 
Alexandra Maldonado mail to: maldonada@rowan.edu
Question for the NJASP President?  Eli Freund

Question for the NJASP Treasurer?  Melissa Norrbom

Mailing Address:            NEW      

PO Box 9658
Hamilton, NJ 08650

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